Monday, January 03, 2011

Let It Snow

Taking out the trash
Taking out the trash,
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I had the day off but the kids had school. Or so we thought.

And then there was snow.

Since the snow gear was still out we geared up and headed outside.

First thing. Time to take out the trash. Thank goodness I had an assistant.

Sledding ,
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Once the chores were done it was time for fun, which translated into me pulling Parker and Piper down and up the road.

Soon, it was time to find something less exhausting for me.

Hair Club for Snowmen
Hair Club for Snowmen,
originally uploaded by Car2nGrl.
Time to build a snowman!

The kids started small but we soon went least closer to Piper's size. The kids gathered the snow. Frankie (unwittingly) provided the arms and hair. And I assembled the final product.

The hardest part...keeping Frankie from running away with one of the arms.

originally uploaded by Car2nGrl.
The best part...the smile on Parker's face.

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