Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!Happy Halloween!Happy Halloween!Happy Halloween!Happy Halloween!
This year we celebrated Halloween in Tehachapi with Gram. That means the kids got to go trick-or-treating with their cousins.

Piper was a monkey (can't let a good costume go to waste!). Parker was Scooby-Doo (this is the first year he got to choose his costume). Carli was a cat. (No, Scooby was a gentleman dog and didn't chase Carli around all night.) And Josephine was a suffragette. (She recently finished a book on famous women and would have been Amelia Earhart -- but her friend already snagged the idea.)

Tehachapi was a great place to trick-or-treat. Lots of houses in the holiday spirit. A lot of people got nostalgic when they saw Scooby (which is always good for the candy haul). Even better, the kids got to share the fun with Gram and Grandpa (who are also very good for the candy haul).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Like Brother, Like Sister

Like Brother, Like SisterWatermelon
Like Brother, Like Sister,
originally uploaded by Car2nGrl.
Uh oh, Parker. Another fan of watermelon.

Even with hardly any teeth, she's willing to gum at it through her food strainer.

Looks like there will be less for you, Parker. Better eat as much as you can...while there's still some to be had.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

2009 LA County Fair

2009 LA County Fair2009 LA County Fair2009 LA County Fair2009 LA County Fair2009 LA County Fair
The family hit the LA County Fair...a.k.a. Fried Food on a Stick marathon! Piper was quickly initiated with the tried and true corndog -- foot long, of course. Meanwhile, Parker hit the balloon darts and immediately came away a winner. Awesome...yes. But we were soon back to the main objective and we tackled a pork chop on a stick and fried dill pickle spears.

2009 LA County Fair2009 LA County Fair2009 LA County Fair2009 LA County Fair2009 LA County Fair
But that was just the start. We soon found Nirvana -- fried smores, fried avocados, fried oreos, fried twinkies, and...le piece de resistance...the zucchini weenie. The best find of the fair...yes, the zucchini weenie. The worst of the fair...the fried avocado.

2009 LA County Fair2009 LA County Fair2009 LA County Fair2009 LA County Fair2009 LA County Fair
Mission accomplaished, we then pursued Parker's, fun, fun. We hit the kid rides. (Talk about HUGE lines.) Parker and Chris did a water gun competition and...yes...came away a winner again. Then, on our way out, the boys flexed their muscles while I grabbed one more treat. That's right, chocolate covered bacon. (Believe it or not, I think it could have used less chocolate and more bacon. Go figure.)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Dog Attack

Foolin' AroundDog Attack
Dog Attack,
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As we hang out around the ''sheds-in-progress'', Parker plays around with a bit of chalk. Unfortunately for Frankie, Parker creates an attack dow. However, even though the yellow dog growls at him, but Frankie's not fazed.