Monday, August 27, 2007

Biscuit Bandit

Biscuit Bandit
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I can't believe you're smiling Frankie. That's Parker with your dog biscuit in in his mouth. And it doesn't look like he's giving it up soon.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Daycare Anecdote

So it was the end of the day and I was at the daycare to pick up Parker. One of the teachers noticed that there was blue crayon scribbled on the table so she mentioned to one of Parker's classmates (and actually, one of his best friends at school), "Tyler, did you color on the table? You know, you're not suppose to color the table?"

Like a doe caught in a set of headlights, he just innocently looks up and responded, "Parker did it."

Okay, kid. Now, knowing Parker, he probably did do it. But this is something to remember in the future. When denying responsibility for the blue crayon on the table, don't do it with blue crayons tightly gripped in both of your meatpaws.

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Postal Service

So I have this shirt that my sister gave me for this band called The Postal Service. I'm sure it's good. (My sister has excellent taste in music.) But I just haven't gotten around to listening to them. Evidently, though, I'm the only one. I wore the shirt to a grocery store in Palmdale and the bagger commented on it, telling me how much she loved the band.

So today a wore the shirt and Aimee commented on it. No, she hadn't heard of the band but the name of the band and the artwork caught her eye. (Nothing sadder than a kid dropping his scoop of ice cream.) But that reminded me of the chick at the grocery store so I relayed that story to her. It's just weird that a shirt I got from San Francisco would elicit comments from down south. (Of course, now I discover that the band's from LA so I guess it's not as weird as I thought.)

But that takes me to later in the afternoon when I went to Starbucks. As one guy was getting me my coffee, a second guy says something to me. It was hard to understand but it sounded like..."Would you like *mumble* service?" Huh? Is this guy trying to upsell me something? "What?" I ask and he replies with the same thing. What the hell was this guy offering me? So finally I had to admit, "I have not idea what the hell you're saying." Now, you probably know by know what the guy was saying. Yes, he was a fan of The Postal Service and he was asking, "You like The Postal Service".

Again with The Postal Service. I guess it's about time I check these guys out and you know what...they're not bad. :o) Here a link to one of their songs, Such Great Heights. Very Death Cab for Cutie. Momma likes.

Thursday, August 16, 2007



What the hell is that sound?


I'm driving home from work and I keep hearing this sound.


I look back at Parker. He looks normal, contently watching Toy Story. Hmmm. Weird.


I look up at the rear view mirror. He hasn't moved an inch. Maybe if I just watched him a little bit longer...okay, not going to happen during curvy, mountain road driving.


What is going on?! Wait. I think I've got a solve here. Break out the ol' camera phone and take a video. Low and behold, it is Parker. Sniffling...really loud. And yet, it doesn't break his concentration as he watches TV. Nice.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Daily Lit

Well, I have to agree with Wil Wheaton, Daily Lit is a pretty cool site. Is there a book that you keep telling yourself that you need to read? Well, if it's in public domain, Daily Lit may make it that much easier for your to reach that goal. Register and select a book and Daily Lit will email you the book, little by little, in digestible bits each day. I'm finally getting around to read Dracula. Of course, I'm already behind but I'm sure I'll catch up sitting my dentist's waiting room.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Trillos Unite

Trillos Unite Trillos UniteChris' cousin Margie was in town with her husband Jim and son Christopher, which made a great excuse for a bunch of Trillos to get together. Plus, Chris' mom's birthday's next week so even better!

Trillos Unite Trillos UniteThis gave Chris and Parker some pool time to go over the essentials…"Kick! Kick! Kick!" and squirting frogs. Squirting frogs you ask? Come a little closer and let them show you. :o) (Don't fall for it!)

Trillos Unite Trillos UniteAt the other end of the pool, Jim and Gerry gab, oblivious of the nearby cow-tastrophe. On closer examination, things appeared to be all right as Dana made the most of the situation.

Trillos UniteOf course, with all those people at the house, Frankie tried his best to get someone…anyone…to feed his need for ball. Will someone pickup this slimy thing and throw it?! (L-R: Frankie, Carly, Jasmine, Josephine, & Margie)

Trillos UniteAnd what a trip to the North 40 with out a ride on the tractor? Chris made sure Christopher had a chance to get behind the wheel of the big green machine.