Monday, January 28, 2008

Gated Community

Gated Community
Gated Community,
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Bad weather in our neighborhood means road closures. Here's the start of Angeles Forest Highway, where it meets Sierra Highway. It's an ominous roadblock but really, it's not as bad as it looks. It just prevents people from driving all the way up to the forest only to discover the road is closed over there. While we just drive around this barricade to get to our house, I do not suggest driving around the others. Most likely the road hasn't been plowed so you be facing obstacles like snow, ice, mud, and rocks.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Burns Night

Burn's NightBurn's NightBurn's NightBurn's Night
So, every year Aimee sends out an invitation to celebrate Burns Night and every year I have to pass because it coincides wtih Geof's birthday. However, this year the venue decided to push the celebration to Saturday the 26th, making it possible for the Trillos to attend.

What's Burns Night, you ask? Well, from what I'm told, it celebrates the Scots poet, Robert Burns, with haggis and scotch whisky.

Now haggis (sheep's heart, liver, & lungs mixed with onion, oatmeal, suet, and spices and boiled in the animal's stomach) was not the only thing on the menu but Chris and I thought, in the spirit of the event, we should, between the two of us, have at least one order of haggis. To be honest, it wasn't that bad. It just tastes like liver. (Next year, though, I'll have to remember to bring some tobasco.)

The highlight of the evening, as you can see from Parker's pictures above, was the band -- the Ploughboys. They were great. And Parker couldn't resist jamming with them on the straw guitar and later on the straw flute.

Check out Aimee's blog for more pictures of the night and video.

Parker jams with the band.Scottish pirates on the loose.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Snow Day

Snow DaySnow DaySnow FetchWho's a happy dog?!

So we got more snow today. Actually it came last night, which, after a day of full on rain, made for an interesting trip home. I couldn't get the car up to the house -- couldn't make it up the driveway and couldn't make it up the "backway" either. Too steep, too muddy, and I was afraid I'd destroy the engine trying to power it up (wheels spinning and skidding) the hill. So I had to ditch the car at the bottom of the hill and hike up with Parker in my arms and my computer on my back in the snow and through the slushy mud. Fun. The last time I had to tromp up the hill, though, it was raining which causes the freaky frogs (yes, frogs!) to come out. So I guess it was a tad better.

That said, I figured I'd stay home the next day. That gave us a chance to play in the snow while it lasted...for a little while, at least...I mean, it's cold! We played fetch with Frankie, of course. Parker ate snow. And we made a tiny snow bear. (Anything bigger would have taken too long with Parker's hunger for snowmen. Plus, did I mention it was cold!)

Snow DayAll SmilesLittle Snow BearAbominable Cannibal Strikes Again

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I WON'T Grow Up!

Peter PanPeter Pan

So I got these costumes from a sample sale at work around Halloween. But since we already had a costume purchased for remember the fireman...well, it just seemed to make sense to save it for another day. And today was just that day.

Parker's been watching the DVD so he's very familiar with Peter. And the costume just went over like gangbusters. Especially the fact that it came with a knife. He wore the costume all day long and forced Chris and I to engage in sword/knife fights all day long. A little tiring but fun nonetheless.

Peter PanPeter PanPeter PanPeter Pan

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mr. Fix It

Mr. Fix It
Mr. Fix It,
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''And remember, there is no more important safety tip than to wear this (points at glasses), your safety glasses.''
--Norm Abrams

Parker proudly shows of his new tool bench. Of course the safety goggles highlight a recent run in Parker has with the playground asphalt. But, as expected, he's A-OK.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

First Snow of 2008

First snow of 2008!Come MorningAfterStrange Skies
The first snow of 2008! Of course it started late Sunday night and by Monday morning, much of it had melted away. So much for a snow day preventing me from going to work. Of course, if I didn't go to work I'd miss the freaky skies over Parker's daycare. It's a bit hard to see in this picture (god forbid I actually stop the car to get the shot) but the clouds that hung low in the sky were this unreal blue.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007, A Look Back

Rather than reflect on where I failed on my 2007 resolutions (my scale makes things quite clear for me, thank you) I figured I'd look back on a year of blogging and point out a few highlights:

  • No More High Chair: Marks a transition to big boy eating. Plus, I love these shots of Parker eating cereal.
  • The Birthday Fun Continues: One of the funniest things about Parker's 2nd birthday was watching him react to the Tickle Me Elmo that Ravi got him. The emotions ranged from distrust and intrigue and that was just from Frankie. I have to admit, there were a few tears shed by Parker...but (and here's cruel Mommy talking) it was pretty funny.
  • The Puzzler: I'm always amazed when Parker demonstrates a new skill. I always think he's too young to do this or that and he always loves to prove me wrong.
  • Susie's Shower: Not only does this mark Parker's first airplane ride but I love the shot I caught of Parker in the park as he looks at me through the urban xylophone.
  • Nap Time: Another classic Parker shot.
  • Bye Cookie!: Once again, you think they're too young to give each other nicknames and yet here are Parker's classmates calling him ''Cookie''. Why? Who knows but it's still funny to this day.
  • Spaceship: This could quite possibly mark the start of his spaceship obsession.
  • Tahoe 2007: With all said and done, I guess I have to end with the Abominable Cannibal.

BTW, looking back on the year I have noticed that my entries have become fewier as the years go on so I guess one resolution I should make is to blog more least beat last year's number of 86 entries. (1 down, 86 more to go.)