Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year's Eve!

Patient DomoBounce!  Bounce!Boing!  Boing!We spent New Year's Eve in San Francisco. Luxi and Niko were, as usual, full of energy. The bouncing balls only amplified their playful spirits. Too bad the camera couldn't keep up. And Parker, you're going to have to work a little harder, too, if you want to keep up.

As for you, Domo, Parker's big on his carbs so it's not likely that he'll drop that piece of bread.

Saturday, December 30, 2006


December 27th - Day 1 in Tahoe
So This is Tahoe Boy It's Cold!Our first day in Tahoe and boy it's cold! Even colder at night. But aside from the cold, Parker didn't seem to notice much else in Tahoe, not even the snow. I think I would have tried to push the issue more but since I couldn't get him to wear his gloves, I didn't want him to get...yes, too cold.

December 28th - Jasmine joins the fun
Bouncing Bed Bugs Bath BuddiesAdd two cousins to a hotel room and your bound to have fun! You get more bounce on a king-size bed. And bath time is even more giggly and fun.

Actually, I guess I should also mention that Jasmine wasn't traveling alone. She was accompanied by Gram and Ken who also came up to join in on the snow fun.

December 29th - Snowboarding
Here Comes Chris Silver SurferI know Chris may disagree, but the big reason for coming to Tahoe was not the casinos but the snowboarding. Our stay started out windy and cold but we were soon given a couple great days of weather, of which we quickly took advantage. Here's Chris, showing how he rules the mountain.

December 30th - Sledding & then some
Weeeeeeee! And a one, and a twoWeeeeeeee! Parker's first trip down the slopes; however, the idea of going solo was a bit too intimidating for the little guy so that means Mommy's going for a ride, too.
And a one, and a two! Two rides down the slope with Mommy but Parker's still not ready to go down the hill solo. So we ended up doing solo slides on level ground, which seems to be just fine by him. (Notice the new, red gloves that he refused to wear...sigh.)

Cold HandsCold Hands!
''Gram, my hands are cold.''
''Well Parker, maybe you should try wearing those gloves.''

Good luck with that endeavor, Gram.

Pep Talk Look Gram!While Parker was sledding, Jasmine was taking skiing lessons. But even with professional instruction, a little pep talk from Dad is always appreciated. Soon, Jasmine is once again sliding down the hill and waving at her adoring fans. GO JASMINE! HURRAY!

Last Night
Room ServiceLast night in Tahoe means one last chance at room service. Hmmmm...Parker will have the yogurt and fish crackers. Oh, and macaroni and cheese...and the cookies. Oh...and don't forget the milk and juice. And the bananas.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Holiday Party

Family Picture...Take 3It's a small worldHoliday Party! I'm one who likes to mix "my worlds" so I love it that two of my worlds -- home and work -- can come together in a fun atmosphere. Working for Disney, that fun atmosphere means Disneyland. Bonus! On the left is another attempt at a family picture. On the right are a few of the guys from work -- Ravi, Geof, and Larry.

Of course, with the parting starting at 8pm, we quickly cut into Parker's bedtime, as you'll notice with his blank stares and heavy lids. He did catch a quick catnap at dinner, which I think helped keep the grumpies subdued.

Thommy & GeofFamily Photo...Take 4Here's a shot of Thommy and Geoffrey, who, with Ravi (his first time) and Larry, went to the park with us.

Even though Parker has now been to Disneyland a bunch of times, we've never hit Small World and with it all decked out for the party it seemed like a perfect time to torment the little one. Once again, another attempt at a family photo in front of the ride. I thought will all the pretty lights we'd get a smile out of the little guy...but no luck.
Small WorldSmall WorldAs you can see, Small World was in top form but it wasn't enough to excite Parker.

Hey Parker! Look over there! It's the rare blue walrus who's been hunted to near extinction for it rare gold tusks…Yeah, not working.

Post Small WorldMad HatterThat said, we decided to wrap things up early. Not even the Mad Hatter could antagonize Parker to the point to get him to stay.

Family Photo...Take 5Family Photo #6. This is the free photo you get at the holiday party. Looking at the shot, we should have opted to stand rather than sit in the (not so attractive) chairs, which I conveniently cropped out. (Makes you wonder why the professional photographer included them in the shot.) I would say that we all should have taken off our jackets but it was just too darn cold.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Daycare Anecdote

Parker ate very well today. He might be going through a growth spurt.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Outdoor Play

Now Where's That Ball?Come On KidWeekends mean fetch for Frankie…no matter how cold it is. And Parker, he's getting the hang of the routine. He understands how the chucker* works; he just doesn't have the dexterity to pick-up the ball or throw it. But he tries.
*BTW, if you have a dog and NOT a out to your local petstore and get one. It's all the great things about fetch, without the slobber.

Vroom!In the driver's seatNow fetch-time for Frankie doesn't mean Parker doesn't get to address his needs. Yes, Parker, you can play on the tractor.

Actually, Parker on the tractor was another attempt to find that "perfect" picture for the Xmas card. Of course, once I got out there I realized that I should have gotten a different jacket to contract the tractor's seat. But once you get Parker on the tractor, there's no taking him back into the house to change the jacket. Nope. Not gonna happen.

You know it's been a good day when the nap begins…no matter where you are.

Lion Tamer

Lion Tamer
Parker's now big enough to climb on the rocking lion all by himself and go for a ride. Ask him what the lion says and he will say "ROAR!"

Have no fear, though, Frankie. Little P has not forgotten you. He will be climbing on you when you least expect it to give you a sounding pat on the head.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


ThanksgivingSo this Thanksgiving, the Trillo's (and my Mom and Marina) converged at our place. Unfortunately, Amy, Josephine, and Carly couldn't make it. But Jasmine was there to entertain Parker. Once again, Chris deep fried the turkey. DELICIOUS! Luckily, it wasn't super cold this year so it didn't take forever for the oil to heat up.

GobbleGobbleTrillos (plus one or two) gathered round the table -- Esther, Gerry, Marina, Dana, Eric, Ken, Jan, Chris, Jim, and Catherine. (Mom, don't fall asleep!) The lone plate belongs to Jamie, who avoided the picture by taking it herself. (Parker and I escaped the shots by sitting too close to the picture taker.)

ThanksgivingThanksgivingGrandpa plays catch with Parker. Then Jasmine joins in the fun with a little swashbuckling action. Hey! That's two against one. No fair.

ThanksgivingHere our little guy with his first bite of rice krispy treat. Obviously…he loves it!

Lay of the Land

Ah-mah & ParkerMy mom came to visit for the week of Thanksgiving. This gave Parker a chance to show her around -- point out the more interesting part of the the tractor. (He can spend a good 30 minutes on that thing and it isn't even moving.) Also, how to play fetch with Frankie. (That was more on Frankie's agenda but Parker gladly obliged.) More importantly, Parker got to show off what a good walker & runner he was...not to mention, jumper.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Daycare Anecdote

"Parker rode a real scooter down the courtyard ramp the right way. It surprised us. It was fun to watch."

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Table Topper

Table Topper
Here's a shot of Parker working the new table. Usually, I'll go through the trouble to set up an elaborate railway, with which he'll send a few trains from the highest hill at a neck-breaking speed to meet their maker at the hairpin turn that lies at the end of the incline. Then he starts to take apart my work of art. Everyone's a critic and everyone thinks they could do a better job. Oh well. That just gives me a chance to set it up all over again. Maybe even think of an even more gruesome demise for Thomas (the train). Only to taken apart again so the cycle can restart.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Family Picture...Take Two

Family Picture...Take Two
Just thought I'd share another (rejected) pic from the 2nd attempt at the family picture. This time we tried it indoors at the fireplace. We couldn't actually light a fire because the chimney's out of commission as we get ready for the new roof (which is scheduled to be installed shortly). This time we only had one wild card but didn't make things easier. Parker just wasn't in the mood to sit still for a picture. Also, in the end, Chris wasn't impressed with the background and the fact that none of us had a decent pose at the same time. In the end, I decided to post this shot because...well, Momma looks good! HA!

Family Picture...Take One

Family Picture...Take One
Here we are, trying to take a family picture for this year's Xmas cards. To be honest, I didn't think this picture was too bad -- not when you take into account the double wild cards called Frankie and Parker. However, Chris didn't like any of the shots taken so, in the end, I compiled a bunch of pics for the card. Keep an eye out for it in your mailbox.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

New Zoo Revue

That's Not a Pig Who's Watching Who?So Parker and I went to the zoo. Parker may be still a bit too young for it. He's seems more interested in watching the people rather than the animals. But I got a year pass so we'll have many more opportunities for him to discover the animals.

Talk About Bed Head Mommy & Me & GiraffesI think he got the most out of the smaller exhibits, which allowed us to get closer to the animals and, somewhat, interact with them. While impressive, the larger animals in the larger exhibits were just too far away to hold his attention.

Stripes StripesSo, discovering zebras through a picket fence. Seems like you can potentially be left with the impression that zebras or either all black or all white…if the fencing lined up in just the right places.

Space Walk
Teathered to the Mother Ship
All in all, we had a great time at the zoo. It gave Parker an opportunity to expore a new place. And next time we go, I'm sure he'll discover even more exciting things…like the actual animals.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Kids' Table

Well, Chris out did himself, once again, with the creation of Parker's play table. The inspiration was the table top that he received from his pal Paul. Paul has painted the forest from Winnie the Pooh on a door, which he then used as a desk. (The hole for the door knob making a convenient exit hole for computer and lamp cords.) But when Paul left for Australia to follow the love of his life, he couldn't take the tableau with him and instead gave it to Chris. Well, Chris has finally put it to good use and converted it to a play table for Parker, adding low, tree trunk legs. The perfect touch to a beautiful table. Parker loves to play with his Thomas the Train set on the table, which affords him plenty of room for him to choo-choo around. And, if he wants to get into the thick of things (as he so often does), the table's sturdy enough for him to climb up on it and sit in the middle of the train track, houses, and vehicles.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Daddy Express

Piggy BackSorry FrankieParker catches a ride on the Daddy Express. Unfortunatly for Frankie, there's a height limit on this ride. (Also, the whole dog on Daddy thing would look kind of awkward, if you ask me.) (Wow, even typing that seems all wrong.)