Tuesday, July 31, 2007

You've got to be kiddinng me!

So Aimee's friend Jen has been temping at work. Gabbing, I noticed that we both were doing Ancestry.com and she mentioned how she was surprised her brother was born in San Bernardino. So I had to ask...''San Bernardino? Did you live there?''


''Me, too.''

''What school did you go to?'' she asks.


Now this is where she's suppose to look at me curiously and/or say ''Oh, I went to San G.'' or something like that. No what actually happened...''So did I!''


''What year did you go?'' she continued.

''I graduated in 88.''


Holy Crap!

MockTrialSo I go and check out my yearbook later that night. Not only were we in the same school at the same time but we were both on the Mock Trial team!

There I am, third from the left. And there's Jen, all the way on the right. Is that weird or what? Unfortunately, I still can't place her. Jen can't place me, either. But I would think that's to be expected. My family just moved there that year so my ties there were pretty fresh...and then I was gone.

All in all, though, pretty weird, huh?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kwik E Mart Stop

Kwik E Mart Kwik E MartThe Simpsons invade Burbank!

With the release of The Simpsons Movie, several 7-11s were converted to Kwik E Marts, including one close to work. My co-worker Larry was so excited that he swept Marge off her feet and gave her a quick kiss.

Kwik E Mart Kwik E MartWe had to wait in line to get in, which, unforturnatly, built up expectations. Once inside you were directed down the aisle of merchandise but aside from that there wasn't much in the line of Simpsonizing. You could buy Buzz cola (I got a couple a cans), a Squishee (yes, I got one...I was thirsty), and very Homer-style donuts (I got a dozen. Hey! A girl's got to eat.) but that was about it. There wasn't even any Duff Beer...go figure. Oh well. Despite the down points, I'm glad we went.

Kwik E Mart

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dream Job or Nightmare

Well, usually I let Thommy write about this stuff but since he's been lagging on the blog front I guess I should note this milestone. We had an opportunity to make a major pitch today. And even though he's not writing about it, I'm sure he's pinching himself to make sure he's not dreaming. It was pretty exciting and if things go forward it would be a dream come true for him as it would be writing for one of his favorite horror franchises. And me? Well, any writing job would be awesome.

But here's my question...are there any superstition connected with seeing a rat prior to an important meeting? It was really weird but sitting outside just before the meeting, a rat came around the corner alongside the building. Then later he cut across the courtyard and startled a bunch of people before darting back across and getting away. I mean, we were in the middle of Beverly Hills. You don't expect to see that kind of thing. But, on the bright side, he didn't look like an evil rat...like the ones in Willard. No, he was more like Ben (who I guess was actually a mouse but you now what I mean). Anyway, it was weird.

On the good omen side of things, the pitch happened to be on the birthday of Thommy's favorite scream queen so maybe that cancels any bad mojo the rat may have brought.

And how did the pitch go? It's hard to tell. I'm a bit unsure, however Thommy was happy with the meeting. I'd just like to ask that you keep your fingers crossed for now...just in case.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Maisy Art Sense

Maisy Art SenseAs Parker grins wildly while he plays with one his favorite toys -- the Maisy pop-up play house -- I could not help but notice that Maisy's taste in art is eerily quite similar to Chris'. It's the truth.
Maisy Art Sense
See? Only Maisy discretely hangs her boat art in the bathroom over the shower. Chris' boat art -- after a heated discussion -- is hung in our living room.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Nap Time

Nap Time
Nap Time,
originally uploaded by Car2nGrl.
Is this classic or what? You know he's tired when he falls asleep in the middle of his lunch...right on top if his PB&J.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July

4th of July, 2007Well, it's that time of the year again…4th of July. And Parker can't wait for the local parade to start. We've parked ourselves in the same spot we found last year -- near the end of the parade route on the shady corner near Acton Market. And this year, Thommy and Geoffrey will be joining us.

4th of July, 2007And there's no better way to start off the parade than to honor the guys who protect us…and we got all of them -- military, police, fire, etc. Too bad Chris couldn't join us because the Fire Deparment brought along one of the giant dozers that they use to put out brush fires. Talk about a big truck.

4th of July, 2007The theme for this year's parade was Wild West and what better way to celebrate the wild west than to round up a posse and hunt down people. And look, they caught somone one. I guess that will show people not to mess with Acton.

4th of July, 2007Frankie does his best to keep his best paw forward; however, the gun shots (how can you have a posse without shooting a few guns…right?) gave my poor pup the shakes. But he didn't run like a coward. He bravely stood by our sides, shaking like a leaf. But a few minutes (of tummy scratching and gentling cooing) later, he was back to his old self...ready to celebrate with the best of them.

Over all, it was another fun parade and next year we won't be overly suspicious of the people handing out the little purple books. (What we originally thought were new testaments or other religious material turned out to be the Declaration of Independence...PHEW!)