Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Puzzler

PuzzlerSo, when Rachael was in town, she brought Parker several things…including this construction vehicle puzzle. Now they're only 4 and 8 piece puzzles but, to be honest, I didn't expect Parker to get too much out of them. I mean, he's only two.

PuzzlerOkay, having such low expections means you kid will totally blow you away when he does stuff like this...putting a puzzle together.

First it wan only the 4 piece puzzle. But he soon got the hang of that and moved on to the 8 piecer.

And the best thing is that he can't get enough of it. You'd think after one or two times he'd be totally over it. (That would be me.) But loves to put the puzzles together and take them apart. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Also, it doesn't hurt that what he's building are fun vehicles.

Still, it's amazing to realize how fast kids develop.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Easter EasterWhat does Easter mean to Parker?

Well, Easter bonnets, of course. And the best ones in his book are balloon bonnets.

And while you've got the balloons going, you can't forget the traditional Easter balloon fight, especially when it's 4 cousins against one uncle.You're going down, Uncle Gerry!

Easter EasterAnd in honor of the man of the hour...the Easter Bunny...ou've got to hop around, especially if you have a trampoline on hand. Just be careful of unexpected pile-ups, which could leaving you with the giggles.

Easter EasterNow you can't have Easter without flowers. All the cool kids are wearing them. Here take one. There's plenty to go around.

Easter EasterKites are cool to flying on Easter. But if you ask Frankie, a brisk game of fetch is the most important thing to do on Easter…and the day after that…and the day after that. Actually, Frankie feels it's best to play fetch everyday.

Above all, though, hanging out with family is the thing Parker loves most about Easter.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rockin' It Real Old School

Let's Rock! Let's RockSure, anyone can rock it old school by using a vintage tennis racket for a guitar…but do you also take it real old school and use that racket as a violin…Parker Can.

Daycare Anecdote

Parker really enjoyed singing during group time this morning. He got very excited while singing "If you're happy." He started dancing real fast while laughing out loud. It was darling.

Chalk It Up

So we had this weird event at work called "Chalk It Up" where you can (during work time) go out in front of the GC3 buildings (where Consumer Products live) and create chalk art on the ground.

At first, I was was just going to check out what everyone else was doing and eat some of the free ice cream. Then, I couldn't help it. I figured I could do a quick 5 minute drawing, especially of my favorite subject...Parker.