Saturday, January 01, 2011


Sitting Pretty
Sitting Pretty,
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Back from Tahoe in San Francisco. Time for new year resolutions.

Live with less clutter. A big challenge with Parker and Piper but since storage is premium in the house this can make life easier. Plus, we can learn to appreciate what we have not what we don't.

Write every day. I got pretty lax last year so now's the time to change that. At minimum I need to find an hour a day.

Organize my work zone. Along the lines of writing more, I need a dedicated work space. With Piper, I just blocked off and stopped using areas (like my desk) in order to prevent curious hands from grabbing stuff, which has left me with no place to work. It's time to reclaim my spaces and figure out a better way to address Piper's grabby hands.

Make more progress on my genealogical research. I've got this membership to I need to use it or cancel it.

A picture a day. Along with the past, I need to better record the now. I've been guilty of taking less photos of kid #2. It's time to correct that.

Lastly, a list of resolutions wouldn't be complete without a weight loss goal. I've just made it into the pre-Piper pants. Time to get back into the pre-Parker pants. :)

Well, that''s it for now. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  1. We both have a similar writing resolution...we can do this!

    But, I am not too worried about fitting into my pre-Piper or pre-Parker pants, haha.

  2. I am #2, and in terms of the number of photos my parents took of me, I might as well have been #2.